Man Approved Valentine's Day Cards

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So it's valentine's day and you need a card for your hubby.  Maybe you are like me and your Husband is a tech savy nerd.  Well, have no fear the ladies over at The Dating Divas come to our rescue once again.  These are free and you should be able to find something for your honey. Enjoy!

Want to do something special for your hubby this Valentine’s Day?  Forget the frilly pink store-bought cards!  We have some Valentines that your manly man is SURE to appreciate.

Want to hear the best part?  They’re totally FREE!




Yep, FREE!!!  Sameeha, our talented designer behind The Inked Leaf Custom Designs, created….

TWENTY printable Valentines just for you!  

And they are all Man- Approved!!!

Just wait until you see her awesome drawings and designs!  I was seriously blown away with her creations.  All together, it’s 5 PAGES of printable perfection.

Wanna see a closer look of what’s included?  


Page 1- STAR WARS Valentines




Page 2- STAR TREK Valentines




Page 3- LORD OF THE RINGS Valentines




Page 4- HARRY POTTER Valentines




Page 5- HERO Valentines




If your man is a super- fan of one of these movies or TV shows, then you can print that particular page.  OR if your man is a fan of ALL of them (like mine is), then go ahead and print them ALL!   I’m planning to stick them all around our bedroom or car for him to find on V-day.  Can’t wait!

Well, what are you waiting for?  Go show some love…


And if you’re serious about creating the BEST Valentine’s Day EVER for your loved ones, then don’t forget to snag your own copy of The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Printable Pack!  That baby seriously has EVERYTHING you could ever want or need for Love Day!