Pre Planned Date Nights for the Year

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I saw this picture on Pinterest with no link :( But the caption said a basket full of dates.  Well, I started to think about this idea and I think I came up with a great idea.  If YOU happen to be responsible for this picture please contact me because I would love to put your link up so we can see really what you did!


When you go Grocery shopping pick up a gift card for a date. 

It could be for a restaurant.

It could be for a coffee shop.

It could be for an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop.

It could be for movie tickets and concessions.

It could be for a bookstore (read a book together).

It could be for an electronic store (play a video game together or buy a movie).

It could be for a clothing store (Christmas Shopping or Birthday Presents).

It could be for a Hardware store (DIY Projects for the inside or outside of the house)

It could be for a sporting goods store. (Camping gear, baseball gloves, soccer ball etc.)


I think you can also make envelopes for free date nights.  Hiking, picnic, kite flying, local softball games, Drive In Movie Theater at home, star gazing etc.

I hope this sparks your own creativity.  I can't wait to start making envelopes and enjoy date night with my Honey!