Wasters and Wants

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Every month you are losing a lot of money on simple things you may not be aware of. Look around your house for money wasters. What is a money waster you ask? Well a money waster is the cell phone charger still plugged in even though your cell phone is in your purse. Another money waster is the kids or in my case my husbands XBOX 360 plugged in and yet no one is using it. Go through your house and unplug all unused appliances, and gadgets. We plug our television and gaming systems into a surge protector, and turn off the surge protector until we use it. We also do this with the computers. We save around $40 a month since we went through our house. Now how to deal with the wants: Simple, it is time to grow up. In a previous section I asked you to do the simple exercise of totaling all expenses to find money. Starbucks is a want not a need; if you spend $25.00 a week on Starbucks you are wasting $1,300.00 a year on coffee. Make your own and save the difference or pay off a bill if you are in debt.