Homemade Wet Wipes

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2 ply paper towel ( I use viva it is the most like cloth)

Tall container to hold paper towels

1 Cup water

1 Tablespoon baby wash

1/2 Tablespoon baby oil

Take paper towels and cut them in half horizontally. take out tube. Place the towels cut side down into your container.  In mixing cup add water, baby wash, and baby oil.  Mix to combine.  Pour mixture over your paper towel. Place lid on container and set timer for 10 minutes.  When the timer goes off turn the container upside down and set timer for another 10 minutes.  When the timer goes off turn your container over and open lid.  Pull up the first wipe from the middle roll.  You are ready to use!

I was thinking just the other day why am i using paper towels?  I should just make up some wet wipes out of an old flannel sheet and toss them in the washer with the cloth diapers.  DUH... :O)