Kids PJ'S

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I love kids PJ's but I don't like the price, nor do I like how my Children out grow them so quickly.  Well, I finally have the solution.  One day while shopping I saw on Clearance sweat pants and sweat shirts.  I'm talking 50 cents people.  I quickly went over and picked through the stacks and stacks of items.  I was so excited.  Just think I could buy sweats two sizes to big and the kids could use them as pj's.  And then when they grow into them, the kids could use them for regular day use.  The store had numerous colors which was great.


I started thinking about little girls and thought to myself "Hey what about women t'shirts?"  I went to the clearance isle and viola they had shirts on clearnce as well.


I realize that this may be OUT OF THE BOX but I promise you that you will save money and unless you have warm feet pajamas your kids, and teenagers will be warmer as well. :O)