The Beauty of a Loss Leader!

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Wednesday is my favorite day for the mail. I love looking at the flyers from the local grocery stores and see what I can get for little to no money. Loss Leaders are my favorite items to buy in a store especially when I have a coupon for them. Last week our local store had Rotel tomatoes on sale 2 for a $1.00 and I had a coupon for $.50 off and my store doubles coupons for up to $.50 so I got the Rotel tomatoes for FREE! Now I realize not everyone has the patience for coupons and I also realize not everyone cooks from scratch like I do. So that being said, if you like Hamburger Helper and it is a Loss Leader for the week at only $1.00 a box buy as many boxes as you can afford and build up your pantry.

The Danger of the Loss Leader is simply the grocery store uses them to lure you into the store. So go armed with your list and only buy the Loss Leader and NOTHING else.