Rocket Straws

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The other day I was browsing Pinterest for a fun activity to do with our LM.   I hit the jackpot when I found this post on how to make Rocket Straws.

To start, seal an empty envelope, then draw lines as shown. Invite your child to cut along the lines (or help him with this step, if necessary). The corner of the envelope will form the top of the rocket.

How to make rocket straws

 Next, cut off the bottom.

How to make rocket straws

 Then use tape to seal up the sides of the rocket. Leave the bottom edge open.

How to make rocket straws

Invite your child over to decorate her rocket!! Added bonus points for wearing rose-colored glasses. Super groovy & stylish, yes?

You can tape on strips of tissue paper streamers too!

Insert the straw into the bottom of the rocket, and go outside for launch time!! A short quick puff of air is all it takes for these to take flight!



** For a step by step tutorial please visit Inner Child Fun