Free snack containers for the car

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Our family loves road trips.  We take one every summer. In fact last summer we left Colorado and drove to Seattle, from there we took the 101 all the way to New Port , California and then back to Colorado.  That was a whopping 19 day trip.  Now let me set the scene a little for you. We have three children two of them in their 20's and one who was 4 at the time.  I admit I am a crazy planner so I had all the snacks and beverages and quiet activities planned out way in advance.  The problem I ran into however was containers that would hold a lot of good snacks and fit in a cup holder.  The answer is simple. Instead of recycling coffee creamer containers reuse them.  I am so thankful that my daughter loves and drinks a lot of coffee because we have a tone of these containers.


I hope this gives you and idea for your adventures.