Buy Used

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The next time you need or want something for either your house, or someone you love, buy it used.  I have a list I keep in my purse of the items I am looking for, either a book my son is missing in one of his collections, or a new rug for the foyer.  A wonderful dining room set or some other mid-century modern treasure I would love to have for the house.

It is amazing what people donate to thrift stores or sell dirt cheap on or at garage sales.  When my husband and I go to Garage Sales we are always looking for LEGOS we probably have a couple thousand pieces in the playroom, but I can afford them at the Garage Sale, but I can't justify the $100.00 they want for them at the big box stores.

So try it, you will save money and it is like a treasure hunt.  I collect 1950's Betty Crocker cookbooks, I found all of them at either thrift stores or garage sales.