Steak Rustica

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So being Italian we don't have recipes we just cook so I hope I make sense

Ingredients needed

Olive oil

Garlic minced

Red pepper flakes

S/P to taste


bell peppers (1 grn, 1ylw,1 orange, 1 red) ANY THREE

Zucchini (3or4)

Yellow Squash (4 or 5)

Red onion (small)

Chop all veggies into bite size pieces, season to taste set aside. Chop meat season set aside. In a large skillet or dutch oven warm 1 Table spoon of olive oil and some red pepper flakes, when warm toss in enough veggies to cover the bottom, do not crowd, you want them to roast and get caramelized. When caramelized take out veggies and repeat the process until all veggies and meat are done, put in one big bowl mix and serve. Simple yet delicious.  This recipe is a great way to use up your garden veggies.