Oil in the driveway or garage?

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Do you have oil on the floor of your garage? How about the drive way? When I was a teenager my dad was obcessed with keeping his driveway clean and garage floor, so obcessed in fact NO ONE was allowed to park on the driveway. Why you ask? Because if it was one of our friends and if their car left oil we were the ones out there cleaning it up. THE HARD WAY with a toothbrush and some store bought product. Over the years I have learned some tricks and of course TIPS from my Grandmama.

My Grandmama use to clean a car dealerships office and garage for extra cash when she was living on her own. How did my Grandmama clean up oil spills? One of two ways:

Sprinkle Baking soda on the spill and let it do its magic, sweep away the baking soda and throw away. Repeat if necessary. Or she would lay newspaper on it, wet it and when it dryed the oil was gone. She would do it as often as necessary. Some old stains take time to get up but with patience you can do it.