So your hands smell like Gas?

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My sweet Teenage son walks into the house after filing the gas into the lawnmower, washes his hands, grabs a bite to eat, and spits out his food. "Mom, my food smells and kinda tastes like gas, I washed my hands what's the deal?" I look at him with that you've got to be kidding me look and say " Did you put Baking Soda on your hands?" he looks at me with that deer in the headlight look and says "NO WHY WOULD I DO THAT?" I laugh and say, "So your food won't taste like gas!" He gets up sprinkles baking soda on his hands, followed by a wet paper towel, throws the paper towel in the trash, smells his hands and says "Hey it's gone!"

Crazy I actually knew what I was talking about. :0)

Moral of the story? Sprinkle baking soda on your hands to get the smell off of them, also I use a damp paper towel to wipe my hands afterwards.