Eggs ~ How to clean them up off of the floor :0)

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 Today while making my little boy some scrambled eggs, I accidently dropped an egg onto the floor.  I asked my daughter to please hand me the box of Kosher salt.  She looked at me like I was crazy, but handed me the salt as asked.   I proceeded to open up the salt and pour it onto the egg on the floor, I covered the entire egg with salt almost 1/2 inch thick.  I told her to just ignore the egg for a while.  One half hour later I asked her to bring me the broom and dust pan.  She looked at me again as if I was crazy but brought it to me anyway.  I swept the egg and salt mixture into the dust pan.  It was now a solid.  NO residue on the floor.


She looks at me and says, Your grandmama was one smart lady!  I looked at her and said, I learned that in Chemistry 


Have a blessed day!