How to clean your BBQ Grill (Grandmama's method)

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Cleaning the Grill

Wrap rags around your grill rack real well (Grandma used old towels with holes in them), now place the towel covered rack into a Black Lawn and Garden plastic trash bag, make sure you have the right size bag to fit your rack into. This is the time to check!
Ok now put ammonia into a spray bottle. Pull the rack back from the garbage bag and spray the ammonia onto the towels heavily saturating them. Close it up, (like you are rolling up potato chips) around the rack and tuck the bag in. Set it out of the way of your animals (including kids) overnight.

The next day when you go to open the bag, hold the bag away from your face! The ammonia fumes will be strong.

Take the grill rack from the bag and remove the towels. Wash the grill rack with hot soapy water and rinse well.

Grandmama would be proud :0)