3 Often Overlooked Items in a Tornado Safety Kit

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It’s severe weather season and now is the time to be prepared…

Once you’ve identified your tornado safe area in your home, you need a tornado safety kit with items such as:

1.  Weather Radio with battery back-up
2.  Copies of important papers
3.  Non-perishable food and water for at least 48 hours
4.  Emergency medical supplies to treat minor wounds and cuts such as gauze, antibiotic cream, alcohol swabs, self-adhesive bandages, and over-the-counter pain medicine such as ibuprofen.
5.  4-day supply of any maintenance prescription medicines
6.  Leather work gloves
7.  Flashlight with fresh batteries
8.  Handheld radio (to hear local news and weather information)
9.  Blankets

In addition to these supplies for a very basic kit, DON’T FORGET THESE THREE ITEMS:

1.  Shoes – Make sure you grab your shoes as you make your way to your safe area or better yet, have an old pair of stand-by shoes you keep in your kit.  After a tornado, you’ll need shoes to protect your feet from sharp debris that will be littering the ground in and around your house.  Lack of shoes causes many foot injuries after tornadoes.

2.  Your driver’s license – After a tornado, your neighborhood may be closed off by local law enforcement to keep looters, gawkers and others who don’t live in your area away.  Your license will prove that you live where you say you do so you can get back to your home.

3.  A whistle – If you become trapped in your home or in your storm shelter, a whistle will help rescue personnel find you.  It’s a small, simple item which can be imperative after a big storm.

Also, consider putting a bicycle or sports HELMET in your safe area.  Many injuries and deaths, especially in strong to violent tornadoes, are due to head injuries.  A helmet can save your life in these cases…

Let’s all be ready for the more active weather on the way with these items.  As my late grandmother used to say, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!