Emergency Preparation

Straw Bale Garden Part 1

This year our family decided to finally put in a garden. Not just any garden. Oh no we go BIG or go Home! We chose a Staw Bale Garden.  Why you ask?  Here are a few reasons as to why we put in this type of garden:

*75% less labor

*Raised height, easy planting

*NO weeding

*Extends the growing season

*Higher germination on seeds

*Predictable performance

*Impossible to overwater

*Holds moisture well

*Creates new media yearly

*Easy to move location

*Automated water daily is okay

*No crop rotation needed

The Top 100 Storage List

Here is a list I found on Pinterest.  I do not stock up on all of these items but I did find ideas of products I did not have that would come in handy. Like a portable potty.

These 100 Items will be the first things to disappear in an emergency situation. By stocking up on these Items, not only will you not have to do without, you will also have a huge arsenal of bartering Items for trading with others even if you have no use for the items because you were better prepared.