Candy Bar Love Notes

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I don’t know who said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it seems to be pretty accurate in our marriage!  Handsome hubby loves to eat!  So I grabbed some of his favorite candy bars and made an arsenal of candy bar love notes!  This way, I can grab one and stuff it in his suit case for him to discover later on.  It’s a sweet (literally!) and simple way to show my love for him.


– Candy Bars
– Candy bar love note images (provided)
– Scrapbook paper, cardstock
– Ribbon
– Scrapbook supplies (scissors, glue, hole punch, etc.)
– Embellishing supplies (distressing ink, etc.)





I started out by buying several of his favorite candy bars at the grocery store.



I created some little labels using Photoshop.  (Look for the download at the bottom!)  I made some labels fit a 2″ circle punch.  And some were meant to be larger tags.  I printed them on scrapbook paper and colored cardstock.  (Be sure to cut down your paper to 8.5 x 11 before printing!)



I used my circle punch to cut out the smaller tags.



I mounted them on a scallop and distressed them a bit.



I wrapped the larger candy bars in scrapbook paper and glued them shut.  I used a bit of ribbon to add the tags, and I was done!

Some of the notes are meant to be a little sassy.  Some are just thoughtful.  But now I have a bag-full of sweet nothing’s that I can use to show my husband how much I care for him!  This helps us stay connected across the miles!
Can you guess which candy bar is under each label??




Fast Break












Take 5







Want to make your very own tags for your candy bar love notes??  Let’s make this easy!  You can download a document with the circle tags here.  And a document with the larger tags here.

Thanks, Divas, so much for letting me be your guest!
I had so much fun!
I hope you’ll come stop by Oopsey Daisy and say hello!!




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Thank you so much, Alison!  We sure appreciate your fun tutorials!  :)