Everyone Wins Date Night Idea from The Dating Divas

I sure do enjoy a night out on the town, but I also enjoy being at home! I decided my husband and I were in need of a date night at home that was simple, relaxing and electronic free!  We are both, let’s say rather addicted to our smart phones and have a tendency to be on them….A LOT!

I told my husband in the morning that once the kids were in bed, we were going to turn everything off and just be together.   I also told him we would each choose one treat and a game to play.

Candy Bar Love Notes

I don’t know who said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it seems to be pretty accurate in our marriage!  Handsome hubby loves to eat!  So I grabbed some of his favorite candy bars and made an arsenal of candy bar love notes!  This way, I can grab one and stuff it in his suit case for him to discover later on.  It’s a sweet (literally!) and simple way to show my love for him.


Open When Letters

Free printables to make your own 'Open When' Letters! The perfect romantic, meaningful {but still simple and inexpensive} gift idea ~ Gotta Love the Dating Divas!

If you are still on the hunt for a romantic, meaningful (but still simple and inexpensive) gift idea for your man, then…

Today is your lucky day!!!

Babysitter Notes

At one time in my life I was a nanny.  I can not begin to express the importance of a document like this for your babysitter while you are away from home.  Simple and easy for them to fill out notes etc. Great tool and free too!