Everyone Wins Date Night Idea from The Dating Divas

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I sure do enjoy a night out on the town, but I also enjoy being at home! I decided my husband and I were in need of a date night at home that was simple, relaxing and electronic free!  We are both, let’s say rather addicted to our smart phones and have a tendency to be on them….A LOT!

I told my husband in the morning that once the kids were in bed, we were going to turn everything off and just be together.   I also told him we would each choose one treat and a game to play.

Choice #1: A Treat

I am currently obsessed with seven layer bars (Which hello…are so easy to make… I can’t believe I haven’t been making these weekly! ). If you want an easy recipe, check this one out here!

My husband is a big fan of hot chocolate, so that was his pick.  We love adding candy canes to make our hot chocolate to make it even sweeter!

Micah Folsom Photography

Choice #2: A Game

So with treats in hand, my husband was the first to go. He picked a board game.   However, we had to play it in candle light. First of all, it was SO nice to not have the distractions of our phones/computer. We just focused on the game at hand and of course each other.  There is something to be said about playing a game in candle light.

Micah Folsom Photography

After we enjoyed a game, (which he won by the way), it was my turn!

A year ago, I did a post called Hot Topics at Dinner. This was a fun family idea for dinner time. Each family member picked a “Hot Topic” and answered the question. Well, I thought why not create something like this, but for a relationship.  So, earlier in the day, I quickly made a jar and printed off a six page list full of all sorts of questions!

You can make your own jar in five minutes!

What You Need:

1. A jar

2. Print, “Let’s Talk” Question List here!

Optional: You can “spice” it up a little with some ribbon & scrapbooking paper to make it look a little more festive.

We had a great time taking turns and answering questions about ourselves.  Sometimes we would guess what each other would say and sometimes we would let it be a surprise.  I’ve known my husband for sixteen years and thought I knew everything about him.  However, this question list covers A LOT of information!  So….needless to say, I learned several new things!