Many different uses for a Ketchup Bottle.

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I was making funnel cakes the other night and while I was pouring my batter into an old ketchup bottle (cleaned of course), I began thinking about all of the different ways to use them.

1.) To make funnel cakes makes pouring the batter into the frying pan much easier than a funnel.

2.) To make pancakes.  I have seen the pancake pen for sale at a lot of different stores and I think it is silly to spend $10 or more on something you could have for free. Simply pour your pancake batter into a used Ketchup bottle and start making shapes, letters, etc. on your grill.  You can also use metal cookie cutters on the grill and fill them with pancake batter.

3.) My baby likes to bowl with the bottles.

4.) Water gun

5.) Bath toy

6.) Icing cakes

7.) Colored chocolate dispensers.  (Use a lot during Christmas time, when making chocolate covered pretzels. Just grab the colors and embellish)

8. Hang from the trees and make ghosts for Halloween

9. Water plants while on vacation, just poke small holes in the bottom of the bottle. 

10. Recycle don’t throw away things you can recycle. We only have one planet and helps teach responsibility to our children.

I found this picture on google images. Real simple magazine.