Thrift Stores

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ARC, DAV, Salvation Army, Goodwill what do these words mean to you? To me they mean bargain city baby!

I just love a good, clean, well organize, and well priced thrift store.  I love going on the big sale day and looking for the hidden treasures abound.  It might be the one book in a series I don't have, or a vintage cookbook, or it might be a diaper changing table for the baby.  You never know what you may find when you go to the thrift store.  Always shop with a list of items you NEED or are looking for otherwise your wallet will see a hit.  

Another good reason to shop thrift stores is to help local causes, and if you donate items you can get a tax deduction.  My daughter and I were in our favorite thrift store the other day and she found a new pair of American Eagle jeans for $3.00 wow at the store they are $75.00 that was a good deal!

Here is my only word of caution It is not a good idea to go to a thrift store if you are lacking in money, you really should not be shopping at all.  These places can be a trap for people not in the position to spend some money because you will justify that it is so cheap you can do it, and then you get home only to realize you really couldn't afford it.