Clothing Swap

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Here are a few tips for a fun day with your girl friends!

1) Organize a clothing swap.  You get rid of clothes and accessories you don't use or want anymore and you swap with your friends. Its a win win for everyone.  You clean out your closet and come home with new stuff for FREE.

2) Organize a clothing/toys swap with friends with children around the same age.  WIN WIN you trade out toys your kids are tired of and get new ones for your kiddos.  Or you trade clothes up a size for you and someone gets your gentley used clothes.  The truth is baby's out grow their outfits sometimes before they even get to wear them.

3.) If you are on your first baby you may want to keep your clothes for the next baby.  Just lend out your stuff and ask for yours back when your friend's baby out grown them.  Keep you clothes in boxes labeled with size and gender so you can just get what you need from your basement.