Daily Chores

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Daily Chore Chart

Daily Chores

Six things to do everyday

1. Make Bed
2. Manage Clutter
3. Sort the mail
4. Clean as you cook, a dirty kitchen costs you money!
5. Wipe up spills when they are fresh
6. Sweep the Kitchen floor 

Make your bed:

Ok, I can only imagine what you are thinking, but truly making your bed starts the day off right.  A freshly made bed makes your room feel clean and orderly and therefore, you will less likely let things like papers and other stuff pile up.

Manage Clutter:

Don't get overwhelmed; every time you enter a room if you see something that doesn't belong there take the time to put it away.  Insist that EVERYONE in the family gets in the habit of doing this.  It will make keeping your house orderly, easy, and teaches your children to take pride and ownership of their family home.  Don't live in chaos.  If your house is tidy you won't get stressed when unexpected guests show up.  Remember I said tidy not SPOTLESS!

Sort the mail:

Don't let mail stress you out!  This is the never-ending clutter bug!  When you bring in the mail, take the time to read, sort, file, and throwaway all your mail.  I can't emphasize how important this step is to keeping your house feeling peaceful.  My husband is a piler and I am a filer, figure out what works best for you, nothing is more stressful than a late paid bill.

Clean as you cook:

Aren't you tired after you eat?  I know I am and then cleaning the kitchen.  SO I have learned that if I wash the pots and pans while I am cleaning then after dinner all that is needed is everyone rinse off their fish and put it into the dishwasher and the kitchen is cleaned!  Or I have one of my children load the dishwasher while my other child puts away the leftovers and wipes down the surfaces.  Remember a dirty kitchen will cost you money.  I know that if a dirty kitchen greets me, I am prown to order out or go somewhere else to eat.  I don't want to cook in a dirty kitchen.

Wipe up spills when they are fresh:

When you are in your bathroom and spill makeup, wipe it up right away, it is so much easier than cleaning it up later.  Or lets say spaghetti sauce spills on the stove, wiping it up while it is fresh is so much easier than letting it dry and later trying to get it up.

Sweep the Kitchen Floor:

Not a glamorous job, but by sweeping the kitchen floor every night after dinner or once or twice in my case (we have 3 dogs), will help prevent the build up of gunk and grime on your floor and make mopping once a week so much easier.