Make your Own Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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Let's Make Some Magic!

Living with boys as we do, we know the messes they can make. We often marvel at the creative ways the guys in our lives make these messes. We also marvel at how in the world we will get some of these messes cleaned up! But often the miracle product Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and others like it have made cleaning some of the toughest messes (like magic marker on the computer keyboard) a breeze. It really does work like magic!
But having just bought some, we wondered if it was possible to make a homemade version. Was is possible to make a little magic of our own? As with most things, the answer is YES! After a little research we found that all these products are is melamine foam! Apparently, melamine foam is an open cell foam that, when mixed with water, acts like a super micro-fine sandpaper easily removing the toughest stains around your house!

We looked into purchasing some melamine foam from our local big box hardware store, but was told they don't carry it. Because melamine foam is used as a soundproofing material, we found you can find it at stores specializing in that area (we were also able to find it on!).

Who knew making a little magic would be so easy?

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