Ode to the Victory Garden

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I want to take the time and sing the praises of the Victory Garden.  To this day I call my garden that. The Victory Garden, that is what my Grandmama called it and after I learned what a Victory Garden was in the 1940's,  I appreciate the concept and what to see it come back.

So as you sit at home and read this and wonder how you can save your family money, I would suggest planting a vegetable garden, a fruit orchard, and an herb garden.  Thus being victorious in growing food for your family and saving the family money.

Did you know that the number one crop Americans grow is our lawns?  Crazy to think about, but if you look at your yard and tell me you have no where to plant a garden, well you are wrong.  Take out some grass.  In fact, there is a man in Boulder, Colorado that goes door to door and asks if he can plant a garden in the front yard of your house, he will share the crop and sell the rest at the farmer's market.  Now I do not want my garden in the front yard, but if that was my only option, I would do it.