Babysitter Bag

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Have you heard of the Dating Divas yet?  No you say.  Well run, don't stop, and hurry over to their site.  They are awesome.  And so incredibly generous.  Free people! They do all of the work for you.  Here is a sample of the babysitter bag.

Sometimes the hardest part about making date night work is leaving the kids with a babysitter.  Am I right?  As soon as the sitter arrives, your little one starts crying and clinging to your legs.   You finally manage to peel him/her off and head out the door.  But instead of being excited for a night out with your hubby, you’re still worried about your baby and wondering how long he’s gonna cry.  Sound familiar at all?  Well, you are going to LOVE us after this post because…


Today we’re gonna share a way to make the whole babysitter experience SOOOOO MUCH MORE FUN!  


 Introducing… Babysitter In A Bag!


Now do yourself a favor and head on over to the Dating Divas and read this tutorial.  All of the downloads are FREE!

You're Welcome