Emergency preparedness candle kits

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For these kits you need a wide mouthed canning jar (with lid and ring) 4 candles (like the one in the pictures) you can find these at Wilderness survival gear online for .99 cents each but they go down in price if you buy them in bulk. They are 5″ x 1.5″ candles will burn for 8 to 10 hours. I made 5 jars – one for each level of my home then extra’s just in case.

Emergency candle kit

Next you will take a 1.5″ round PVC pipe and cut the sections 1″ tall. (you can use a saw for this and it goes really fast) Take non flammable glue and glue the PVC section onto the bottom of the lid.

Emergency candle pvc ring

When done drying you can add your small box of matches and close the top. (like in the first picture) If the lights go out and you have no power this is how you can set up the candle (see picture below)

Emergency candle on top

Keep them in a convenient place so when the lights go out you know just where to find them!